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House of Kats Shima's Room

Hi! My name is Shima.

I adopted my human mommy Kiyo and human daddy Satoshi on August 30th, 1998. When I adopted them, I was 3 weeks old. Well I don't remember exactly, but that's what a vet told my human parents.

I'm a small cat. I only weigh about 8 pounds. I don't know how tall (or should I say long?) I am. My favorite activity is to sleep. I also like to play with socks. My human sister Erika's socks are the best. They are nice and small. My favorite food is nori, Japanese dried seaweed. I love those black sheets, and they are much better than cat treats. Too bad mommy doesn't give it to me too often. She says it is too salty. I also like tilapia, but I don't like salmon. My parents think I'm too picky. Well... I'm a cat, and cats are picky.

Here are some kitty jokes I collected. I hope you enjoy them.


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