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House of Kats Erika's room

Welcome to my room!
I'm Erika. I'm 3, and will be 4 in November.
I will show you some of the things I love.

This is my teddy bear, Toto.
He goes everywhere with me.
He even went with me to Virginia and California.
Here are some other stuffed animals I love.

Blue and Magenta are from Blue's Clues on Nick Jr and Noggin.
I love that show.
I also like playing games at nickjr.com and noggin.com.
I have to be really good, or mommy won't let me play these games.

These are some of my favorite books.
The ones on the left are in English, and the ones on the right are in Japanese.
I can read Japanese Hiragana and Katakana by myself. I still have trouble reading English by myself though, so my parents and Grandma Hideko gave me these books.

I can read Biscuit Goes to School by myself, and I can almost read Max and Rudy Play School by myself.

I also love to draw. You can see some of my drawings here.
My favorite color is pink, so I use lot of pink in my drawings.

Another thing I love is to dress up.
I love pretending to be a princess.
I got to be a flower girl in a wedding, and I had a great time.

I got to meet real pricesses when we visited Disneyland in California.
You can see the autographs I got at Disneyland here.
I love Disneyland, and can't wait to visit again.

Disneyland is a great place, but I must say that playgrounds are my favorite place.
I love slides and swings. Where is your favorite place?